A one-on-one Battle

Submit your drawings to the Miiverse Sketch Artwork Community and see what others have submitted. You can even share your ideas for subjects that players have to draw in Sketch.

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Post a Sketch

Choose one of the four suggested subjects and draw it within the 60-second time limit. Touch "Done!" or wait until time is up and your sketch will be submitted to Miiverse.

View a Gallery

You can use Miiverse to view your own sketches, the sketches others have made of your suggestions, and recent pictures that are attracting attention.

Suggest a Word

Submit sketch ideas up to 14 characters long. Other players will get to sketch your suggestions.

Introducing a special community just for Miiverse

The Artwork Community displays pictures created through Miiverse Sketch, while the Subject Community lists ideas submitted through Miiverse Sketch. Even if you don’t have the Game & Wario software, anyone who can access Miiverse can view the submitted pictures and ideas and post comments. Go ahead and take a peek!